How Homes Are Built

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Factory Built Homes are architecturally designed, built in an environmentally sustainable manor, cost effective and created within dramatically reduced build-times when compared to that of site-built homes. Homes undergo meticulous inspections throughout their build and must meet building code requirements similar to any site-built home.

Initial Client Consultation

Clients meet with one of our knowledgeable and experienced retail members to begin discussions around the scope of the home. Budget, size of dwelling, style preferences, building processes and more are agreed upon and contracts to begin the architectural drawing and building phases are signed.


manu-tmp-2During the same time site preparations are taking place (to build the foundation in which to place the home), the home begins to take form within a quality-controlled factory. Here professional tradespeople work in stations along a series of assembly lines to create components for the framework of your home that will eventually be installed at subsequent stations within the factory at the exact time they are needed within the homes building process. This efficient right-on-time method of building drastically reduces material waste, wait times for product shipping and wait times for qualified staff to arrive on site to complete their portion of the build as all materials and staff are readily available and on-site within the factory to complete their stage of the home when required.

Fixtures, Floors and More

home-tmpDissimilar to site-built homes, exterior walls and trusses for rooflines are not installed until the final stage of the homes build, allowing carpenters, plumbers and electricians easy access to work within the homes framework to install the homes internal systems. Furnaces, water heaters, fixtures and floor coverings are all installed at this stage.

Wall & Roof Installation

Finished interior and exterior walls, flooring and trusses have been pre-created with absolute precision within subsequent assembly rooms are now fastened into place. A continues air/vapor barrier is installed, along with interior drywall while the home rests securely within a one of a kind jig.

Transportation and Final Finishings

home-tmpAfter passing final inspections, you home is now prepped for transport and loaded upon a certified transport truck to be brought to your location. Your home will seamlessly be transferred from the truck and assembled on-site where final finishings will be completed.


*Please note client consultation takes place throughout your dwellings entire build and finishing processes.

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