Work with professionals

If you are thinking of purchasing a new home, use a Manufactured Housing Association of BC member. Look for the MHABC logo in advertising, brochures and at dealer locations. It’s the mark of the professionals in the industry, and a symbol of quality, value and service.

Government Liaison

We work with all levels of Government on building codes, land-use bylaws, zoning, financing programs, and consumer concerns. We also work to improve market access opportunities for modular built product.

Building Codes

We work with provincial technical committees, the Canadian Standards Association, and the National Research Council to promote safety standards in both housing and modular built product.


We work to promote safety while transporting modular and manufactured homes. We are looking for ways in which to harmonize the conditions for the movement of modular and manufactured homes across the Western Provinces.

Community Issues

We work to ensure fairness to both landlords and tenants, and to improve opportunities for the development of modular and manufactured lease land communities.


We create relationships with financial institutions and mortgage brokers to improve consumer financing options.

Image Enhancement

We understand the importance of enhancing the image of manufactured homes and strive to develop positive public relations and education on this quality industry.


We maintain a website with industry related links, produce and distribute a quarterly newsletter and maintain a library of related issues, statistics, videos, and general industry knowledge.


We provide a community manual and community management training programs, as well as a sales consultant’s manual and training programs.