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We adhere only to those practices which provide a clear and definite understanding of our obligations to each other. All representations as to the general and specific condition of products shall represent to the best of our knowledge the true facts. The terms and conditions of all sales transactions including warranty shall be clearly expressed in writing.

  • Services

    Recognizing our after-sale responsibilities, we undertake to provide the highest level of service to our customers.

  • Transportation

    All transporters shall be fully licensed and insured and will adhere to required safety standards and regulations.

  • Advertising

    We accurately and truthfully describe the product or service offered for sale and the terms under which it may be purchased.

The relationship between the supplier, manufacture, dealer and consumer shall be predicated on trust, value and service.

The MHABC has the following categories of membership including Dealer, Manufacturer, Transporter, Associate and Affiliate. The first four have voting rights and the fifth is non-voting. The first three are straight forward with Associates being targeted at major suppliers who wish to have a role in governance of the MHABC. The Affiliate category is for those Members who wish membership in order to stay current on the industry and do not want any role in Association governance specifically affiliated trade associations and other organizations affiliated with the factory-built housing industry.

As a mandatory requirement of Membership, Dealers must have a storefront with display homes and Manufacturers must provide a minimum of a 1-10 warranty. Holding of business licences are mandatory for the Dealer, Manufacturer, Transporter and Associate Membership Categories.

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MHABC 2016-2017 Annual Report

In developing the preliminary draft of an annual report, the Board routinely goes back through Board meeting minutes, quarterly newsletters and monthly updates to refresh our memories on the list of issues dealt with during the year. While detailed discussion on these comprises the balance of this report, the topics filled an entire page ranging from the on-going CSA A277 BC Building Code challenges, imposition of duties on US based gyproc manufacturers providing product into western Canada to managing a small number of public complaints.... [Read Full Report]

To inquire about becoming an MHABC member:

Email Gord Rattray