Fall 2016 News Letter

2017 Conference Program Shaping Up
Planning for the 2017 Conference, scheduled for April 26th to 28th at the Grand Okanagan Conference Centre in Kelowna is well underway.

The MHABC’s 26th Annual Gerry Brown Memorial Golf Tournament will be held at Kelowna’s Sunset Ranch Golf Course and Country Club on Wednesday, April 26th. This eighteen-hole best-ball tournament will see golfer teeing off starting at 10 am. Last year’s tournament had 40 golfers and it is anticipated the 2017 tournament will surpass this number.

The Business Session will begin early on Thursday morning with a plan to have the Minister Responsible for Housing provide “virtual” opening comments. As the province will be amid an election, provincial policy has restrictions on how provincial politicians can engage events such as the MHABC’s conference. The Minister has committed to working with the MHABC Board to provide opening comments in an innovative format. The marketing workshop will be coordinated by Mr. Corey Poirier who travels across North America speaking on strategies to improve sales through improved customer relations. Also, providing a post luncheon workshop will be Mr. Mike Lorenz dealing with increasing productivity and motivating sales staff people through a three-step program. The Annual General Meeting will cap-off the afternoon followed by the Presidents Banquet. Friday morning will include the Technical Sessions dealing with Building Code, finance, inspection and mortgage information. Invitations will be extended to local building officials to attend the sessions and join in a tour of a local manufacturing plant. The preliminary Conference Program and Registration form will be available on MHABC. com in early March. For those Members planning on attending, please book your hotel reservations as early as possible to ensure room availability and the best rates. The block reservation is available until March 27, 2017.




Fall 2016 Board Meeting Schedule
During the fall, the Board met by conference call on October 11th and November 22nd. The next meeting will be held in person on January 10, 2017 in Kamloops at the Coast Hotel. The January 2017 Board meeting will focus on the 2017-18 budget which is due to come into effect on March 1, 2017. FRESH INC staffers will also be attendance to review the marketing program and outline initiatives for next year.


Home Shipments exceed plan at end of 3rd Quarter
Home shipments exceeded plan at the end of the 3rd quarter ending November 30, 2016. Actual plan shipments at the end of 3rd quarter 590 homes on YTD plan shipments of 414 homes and annualized 552 homes.


Meeting held with Minister Responsible for Housing Rich Coleman
MHABC Board members met with the Minister Responsible for Housing, the Honourable Rich Coleman. Also attending the meeting was Greg Steves, the Assistant Deputy Minister for the Office of Housing and Construction Standards. Greg has replaced Jeff Vasey who formerly in this position.

While the meeting had been requested during the summer, the Minister’s busy schedule only allowed the meeting to take place this fall. Key topics included a discussion on industry performance, A277, BC Building Code and the Minister’s involvement in the 2017 Conference. With the conference happening in late April, this timing occurs during the same period the province is involved in an election, scheduled for May 9, 2017. The Ministry agreed to give considerations on the topics raised and determine how he can be involved the MHABC’s conference without violating election constraints. A copy of the MHABC’s briefing package is available to Members upon request.


Strategic Plan Update Work Continuing
Work on the 2017-2022 strategic plan is continuing and is due to wrap-up in early 2017. A poll has been distributed to the membership requesting input on the key deliverables contained in the existing plan. Members have been to respond to the poll by the end of 2016. This to allow the input received to be incorporated into the updated 2017-2022 plan.


Letter to the Canadian Board Services Agency on Imposition of Gyproc Duties
The MHABC advised its membership of a decision by the Canadian Border Services agency to impose duties on gyproc supplied to Western Canada by United States producers. The significant duties imposed will potentially have a significant impact on the price of homes produced by all sectors including the factory-built housing industry. A Trade Tribunal is now assessing the potential harm to Canadian gyproc manufacturers with a decision to be made in early January. This decision will influence whether the current duties imposed will continue. In response, the MHABC has submitted a letter to the Canadian Border Services Agency outlining the significant monetary impacts these duties will have on home purchasers. The MHABC letter adds the Association supports the similar messaging provided by the Modular Housing Assn Prairie Provinces as well as the Canadian Home Builders Association. Additional information will be circulated once the position of the Tribunal is known.


MHABC to apply for membership in the Canadian Home Builders Association
Associated with information contained in the “What’s New” section concerning the move by the Canadian Manufactured Housing Institute and MHICanada to become a sector of the Canadian Home Builders Association, the Board has passed a motion to proceed with applying for membership in the Canadian Home Builders Association. The Board has proposed making application to the Central Okanagan Section on the basis most manufactures are in this area. Joining this Section also affirms membership at the both the provincial and national levels of the CHBA. This membership also allows continued strong relations with this new Sector within the CHBA focused on the factory-built housing industry.


BC Ferries Conference Call Held
Owing to recent concerns expressed by some members on recent permitting challenges with BC Ferries, the Board organized a conference call with BC Ferries Key Account representatives Blake Douglas and Jordan Knutsen. The Members on the conference calls raised of issues that both BC Ferries managers agreed to follow-up on. Members will be urged to provide detailed information to the office of future permitting problems.


First Nation Tax Exempt Sales
The MHABC has recently learned that an interpretation from BC’s Consumer Taxation Branch contained incorrect information. The CBT has asked member to utilize the guidance contained in Information Circular #314 (link as follows): http://www.sbr.gov.bc.ca/documents_library/bulletins/pst_314.pdf

The MHABC Board had requested an interpretation following issues raised by some Dealers arising from Consumer Taxation Branch audits and challenges made to the process used to complete sales of factory-built homes onto First Nations held lands.

Sales of homes onto First Nations can be sold tax exempt subject to following the procedures as set out in this Bulletin. CBT will be issuing a revised interpretation to the MHABC.


BC Tiny House Collective
While not a sector of the MHABC, the Association is working with the evolving tiny house sector as the BC Tiny House Collective moves forward in developing its business plan and operating strategy. The Collective has recently made application for funding from BC Housing to aid the new organization is information gathering and creating information programs for future purchasers of tiny houses. A key goal in the MHABC aiding the Collective is ensure that tiny homes will end-up being a safe and energy efficient form of affordable option for those people wanting to live in this type of housing.


Welcome to New Member Pinnacle Homes of Cranbrook
The Board welcomes Pinnacle Homes of Cranbrook as the newest Member of the MHABC.




CMHI and MHIC to become Sector of Canadian Home Builders Association
Over the last year, the Canadian Manufactured Housing Institute and MHIC Canada have been exploring options with the Canadian Home Builders Association in strengthening the current strong relationship between these organizations. The CHBA is a strong national, provincially and locally based Association with a broad membership in the home building sector right across Canada.

Moving forward under the auspices of CMHI CEO Kathleen Maynard and MHICanada CEO Hank Starno, the two organizations have substantially reached agreement to become a self-funding Sector of the CHBA focused solely on factory-built housing.

This new Sector will deal principally with technical issues including certification standards and building codes. Now, the two organizations are working through the legalities of winding both and moving to combine under CHBA. Everything going well, the new Sector is expected to be fully in place as a requirement of this new arrangement, affiliated Associations will be required to become CHBA members. Please stand by for more information on this integration into the CHBA as final organizations activities are wound up.


CVSE Releases Update of Pilot Car Load Movement Guidelines and Revised 1049 Form
The Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement released its updated Pilot Car Load Movement policy in late November. This sixty plus page document outlines new requirements for the piloting of oversize loads across BC. The document is available on the CVSE website as well as in the Members Only section of MHABC.com.

CVSE has also released a revised Form 1049. This form is required for requesting Extraordinary Load Approvals which is required for the transport of many 5.0 meter wide and all 6.1 meter wide loads.


Province announces assistance for First Time Homebuyers
Premier Christy Clark recently announced a government program to aid first-time homebuyers. This program will offer interest free loans for a five- year period where first-time homebuyers can match the loan applied for to a maximum of $37,500. The earliest date for submission of loan applications is January 17, 2017.

Additional information is available on the BC Government website (gov.bc.ca) or in the Members Only Section of MHABC.com.


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MHABC Fall 2016 News Letter

2017—2018 Board of Directors


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Moduline Industries Canada Penticton

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Countryside Manufactured Homes

Treasurer Dean Johnstone
SRI Homes Kelowna


Cathy Corbin
Gordon’s Homes Sales

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D. Fisher Contracting

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Blackstone Homes

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AMCO Modular Homes

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Amco Modular Homes

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Triple M Homes

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Ray’s Towing Ltd

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Precision Home Transport

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